There are many good law firms to choose from. The key is to find the best firm for you, and we encourage you to shop around for the right fit. Here are eight reasons why individuals and businesses choose Sequoia Law Group when they need legal counsel:

1) Honesty is the best policy [Top]

Advice is only useful if it is realistic. Sequoia Law Group maintains a consultative practice that respects your integrity by providing you with an honest and unvarnished opinion about your situation. To the greatest extent possible we keep you informed about the likelihood and estimated cost of successfully reaching your goals.

2) Keep it simple [Top]

Sequoia Law Group believes that a lawyer’s job is to make things easier, not more complicated. In transactions this often means finding the simplest and most direct way to realize the intentions of the parties. In the case of disputes, we first attempt to resolve claims by negotiating an agreement on mutually satisfactory terms because we know that an early settlement will invariably be more cost-effective and less disruptive than a lawsuit. If litigation is necessary, we apply the principle of simplicity to efficiently and effectively protect your interests.

3) Options are good [Top]

Lawyers should do more than just identify issues; they should provide useful counsel. The lawyers at Sequoia Law Group are accustomed to developing a range of practical solutions for real world problems. We give clear, straightforward and comprehensive explanations to you about your legal rights and potential liabilities. We feel that people are most likely to make good decisions when they are adequately informed and can choose from multiple options.

4) Relationships are important [Top]

People––not the contents of law books––ultimately drive legal issues and their resolution. At Sequoia Law Group, we strive to understand a given legal matter in the broader context of your personal or business affairs. A close and communicative working relationship promotes effective representation. Our approach extends to how we interact with other parties and their attorneys. We believe respect for others is compatible with vigorous advocacy; treating even your adversaries in a professional and ethical way generally improves the odds of a successful outcome and reduces the cost and time necessary to achieve it.

5) Small is beautiful [Top]

Sequoia Law Group is a small firm with a simple organizational structure. You need not wade through layers of bureaucracy or junior-level personnel when you require immediate assistance from an experienced legal professional. Being small also allows us to be flexible, innovative and nimble in representing your interests. Whether a matter requires the attention of a single attorney or a team of legal professionals, you will receive personal and personable attention.

6) Focused on the big picture [Top]

Sequoia Law Group understands that your legal needs do not exist in a vacuum; they may touch upon multiple facets of your personal life or business. At Sequoia Law Group, we take pride in our holistic approach to the handling of legal engagements and our development of integrated answers that help our clients accomplish their objectives.

7) Adaptable representation [Top]

Sequoia Law Group recognizes the importance of the bottom line. Our depth of experience across a variety of practice areas, coupled with our ability to adjust the level of representation, allows us to provide tailored solutions that balance your goals and resources. We have handled legal matters ranging in scope from a few hundred dollars for the preparation of a simple employment agreement to much larger matters in both transactional and litigation settings where the stakes have run into the millions of dollars. Whether a given situation involves two parties in a contract or twenty in litigation, one business agreement or hundreds of thousands of documents produced in the course of a lawsuit, Sequoia Law Group is ready to be of service with representation appropriately sized to your requirements.

8) Flexible fee arrangements [Top]

The attorneys at Sequoia Law Group are generalists who specialize in only one thing - helping you prevent or solve problems. Our generalist approach and efficient structure are reflected in our very competitive and flexible fee arrangements. We are able to customize a fee agreement for each case, including lump sum, contingency and hybrid-fees in addition to traditional hourly engagements. And our first consultation is always free.